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 - Joe

The media has been telling people of late that dissenting from the message of the life of Karol Wojtyla is the greatest virtue a Catholic can possess. This has bred many misconceptions about Catholicism. And so, with respect to the non-Catholic chunk of humanity reading our discourses, I am going to take it upon myself to correct one of these multitudinous errata.

This certain misconception involves "alternatives" to the Catholic priesthood. As you may know, our priests are celibate men Women priests will certainly never be a topic even for consideration. I'm sorry to crush your hopes, but we are bound to Christ's choice of only male apostles. Women are the jewels of God's creation, but we must honestly realize that they (or you? Heck, I don't know who reads this) have different jobs in that creation then men do.
The second part is the new-fangled notion of letting priests get married. Now, I'll tell you up front, celibacy is not doctrine. It instead was and still is a brilliant discipline. I don't expect nor want celibacy to change, as it allows the man to dedicate his life to God, and live unmarried as Jesus did(forget what the Duh Vinci Con told you, Jesus was single).

In closing, always search for the truth (which does exist, in case some of y'all are wondering).



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