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"Perfect" Baby Follow Up

 - Psychomancer

Wow ok you people just got all up in arms. Which is ok I wanted some healthy discussion. Should have checked back sooner sorry my bad.
The only problem I have is that some of the people above only had comments like stupid cunts and the like. These are totally counter productive.
My question actually comes from my research paper for my anthropology class. Thank you for those of you that cared to leave constructive views on the matter. The problem I think is that most of you were more focusing on the perfect part. Not so much the whole idea of picking and choosing how the child would look.
Because even if one did take the DNA from a famous person or totally came up with the look them selves, it (meaning either sex) won’t necessarily turn out the way the parents planned. My only purpose was to get people excited as well as draw search results to generate discussion. Although it wasn’t exactly what I thought would come up I did get what I wanted. I do welcome any further discussion though, either here or on my blog.

For all of your personal comfort and relief I do not think it is ok to pick and choose how ones baby would look. Certain diseases I can see engineering out of the baby. Now I am not saying that the ones that are born with disabilities are any less deserving of love and care, or that they don’t deserve to live. Only that I think they could experience life more fully if they did not have certain disabilities. This is just my opinion. I have not had much experience with disabled children or adults for that matter. But if I could I would certainly disable any possibility of genetically transmitted diseases. Things like diabetes, my dad has it, my grandma has it, my sister and I will most likely have it. If I could make sure my kids wouldn’t have it. I would pay how ever much it would cost.


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