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The ACLU Sucks.

 - Brian

Go here.

It isn't even fare to label the ACLU as liberal. They're too extreme for that title. Frankly, I haven't found a suitable title for the ACLU, except for Insane Anti-Christian Radicals (IAR).

Well, anyway, to the point:

What the heck is wrong with the ACLU? The claim they're for civil liberties, but all they seem to be doing is taking the rights away from religious folks?
Why are they so obsessed with banning prayer from schools?

I'll cover these issues right now.

Fist off, the ACLU claims that they are for protecting the rights for individuals. If that is so, then why do they persist on banning prayer from schools, banning Ten Commandment statues, and banning any other public display of morality and religion? They're sure quick to complain when someone bans pro-homosexual shirts, but they won't stand up for anyone else.
The ACLU is much like extreme liberalism in one way. They like to use the old magician trick. Let me explain:
Try to remember when you were at the last magic show you attended. Remember when the magician magically made the ball disappear? He held out his right hand for all to see while twisting it around. In his other hand, however, he was secretly putting the ball in his pocket. That's what the ACLU is doing.
They're holding out their right hand for all to see and saying, "look everyone! We're for democracy! See! We're the American Civil Liberties Union!" And in their other hand, they are trying to eradicate religion from society.
See, the rats behind the ACLU are geniuses. They know that the American people are suckers. They know that they can manipulate America with the old "rights" routine.

If they are for rights, how come the keep interfering with the Boy Scouts of America? How come they try to keep prayer out of school? How come the try to get rid of the Ten Commandments?
And then they have the nerve to call Christianity and prayer "immoral?!" What the ******************?!!??!!!
Think about it for a while.


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