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Are You A Cafeteria-Catholic?

 - Brian

If so, you can be put in the same category as Andrew Sullivan.

Definition of a cafeteria-Catholic:

A (for the most part) Catholic who picks and chooses the doctrines disciplines that suit him best. For instance, "I'm a devout Catholic who believes that every women has the right to choose." (I intentionally left out the "choice" because that's how most "pro-choice" advocates phrase their position.)

My main beef with Mr. Sullivan is his self-proclaimed knowledge of the Catholic Church. He repeatedly calls himself a Catholic despite the fact that he disagrees with the Catholic Church on many major issues and doctrines. For instance, he believes that the church should change it's stance on homosexuality, despite the fact that the Church's stance on homosexuality is an unchangeable doctrine. It would seem that he often confuses doctrines with disciplines.
He also believes that women should be allowed to join the priesthood. That idea completely contradicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ, therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Catholic Church to change it's stance on female priests.

The reason I get so upset with cafeteria-Catholics is because they give the Catholic Church a bad name (or cause confusion). Because most cafeteria-Catholics aren't familiar with the distinction between doctrines and disciplines and the Church's stances on many issues, they often convey the wrong message to non-Catholics, thus giving the Catholic Church a bad name.

My message to cafeteria-Catholics:

If you strongly disagree with the Catholic Church on many issues, LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, OR SEEK SPIRITUAL COUNSELING!!


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