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Some major changes!

 - Brian

By the end of the month, Blog Hogger will have gone through some significant improvements.

{1} The template will be clean and easy to follow.

(2) Joe and I will add some cool JavaScript effects.

(3) I'm thinking about getting a domain name - a one.

(4) More popular (secret) *evil laughter*

(5) Hey! A new Blog Hogger comic strip page by Ivan and Brian!

(6) Cool pics!

(7) A MUCH better Member's Page.

(8) Not to mention, John Kerry will be rolling in his own grave (dug personally by Blog Hogger).

(9) By the beginning of October, those infamous feminist radicals will be trying to get this blog off the web!

(10) Those infamous homosexual radicals will be trying to get this blog off the web!

(11) Jack Chick will be writing silly comic strips against us!!!

B'wahahahahahaha!! We're gonna be hated!!!


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