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Women shouldn't be able to join the Army Rangers.

 - Brian

Listen, I'm not saying women shouldn't be able to join the army, I'm saying women shouldn't be able to join the U.S Army Rangers, Navy Seals, or Green Berets. If women want to go out and get them selves killed, that's their option, but when it comes to covert operations, things get sort of serious.
To be a Navy Seal, you have to have specific body requirements. You have to go through specific training that only 3 out of 100 men pass (that's right, read it again!). Becoming a special forces soldier just isn't any thing anyone can join. The missions that Special Forces operatives have to endure have NO room for failures and cannot be jeopardized by "fareness." Get me?
Men have the body type and physical strength to become an elite soldier.

"You stupid sexist, what if a woman has the right kind of body type?"
Have you noticed the on the Basic Training TV shows that the army files down the amount of exercise and obstacles that women have to do? Men might have to run 20 miles, women have to run 15. Men might have to do 30 push-ups, women have to do 15.
Face it, girls, men have more powerful bodies then women. It's just nature.
Of course some women are stronger then some men, but the majority of men are stronger.


Besides, who wants to see a women in an army helmet anyway? Feminists who believe women should join the Special Forces only want a higher body-count.


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