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Goths are driving me crazy .

 - Brian

Before I start, I would just like to say that I don't hate goths - I hate their style. The Gothic style and attitude is just plain annoying. Stop acting you guys, we all know you're not depressed.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just listen:

Goths like to pretend that they're depressed, rejected, hated. Well, if you're so freakin' depressed, dressing in black and piercing yourself isn't going to solve any of your problems. Why not try and change your attitude to that of cheerfulness. Besides, dressing like a goth is going to make people reject you in today's world. Society doesn't tolerate the gothic lifestyle. I personally think that goths are miserable people who need some major therapy.

Things goths are good for

1. Scaring little children

2. Halloween decorations

3. Relieving vampire bats from their duty

HA! Quit pretending you guys. I don't buy your crap for one second. Also, nobody reads your dull poetry anyways.

Speaking of goth poetry, it goes something like this:

Lies, fire, hate,
All the pain inside
All the rage
I hate
I hate
I want to kill everyone in sight


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