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My view on Lord of the Rings: ROTK

 - Brian

I am a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings. Even though I haven't read the books, I enjoy the movies and video games.  Here's my take on LOTR: ROTK -


As you know, I really enjoy the movies. One of the things that makes Lord of the Rings what it is, is the music. Just think about how the music contributes to the films - like the Rohan (spelled correctly?) music. The music gives the movies a sense of antiquity  - which really makes the LOTR trilogy so good.

The characters I REALLY like Gandolf in the film. Especially his pessimism. About 10% of the words he said were, "Stand fast; do not waver," and the other 90% were, "RETREAT!!!!!!!!" He's sure quick to command the soldiers of The White City, but even quicker to lead the retreats.


 Then there's Aragorn's girl friend...the elf chick. I loved her part in the movie - even though most of it was sitting on a horse with her mouth wide open crying.

obviously, I liked the part at the end of the film where Aragorn says to his elfy girl friend, "Great! Now that we're married, you are now the queen of the Elves!" then she replies with, "Not as long as Legolas is around."


The Plot Like the other two movies, this one follows the same plot: As Frodo and Sam continue on their weary journey to destroy the Ring, the Ring starts having an evil effect on Frodo. For instants, the part when Frodo, Gollum, and Sam were climbing the miles of stairs, Gollum secretly sprinkled some of the Elven bread on Sam's jacket to make it appear as though Sam ate all the bread. Of course Frodo was really upset about this (for they were running short on food supplies), and decided to dump Sam. I mean, who would you really trust: Your life time friend and gardener, or some creepy murderer who sounds like an 86-year-old women on drugs.  If you picked the latter, then you need help.

Like in the other two movies, ROTK follows another basic story plot: 600 men against 10,000 deadly orcs, a single city against 100,000 deadly orcs, and then 1000 men agaist 10,000 even more deadly orcs. Yes, the odds seem to always be against the good guys.



All-in-all, I really enjoyed the movie - even though I've seen it three times straight!



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