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How's This:

 - Brian

Everytime John Kerry lies, his chin grows longer. How's that for some comedy - hehehe.


"I solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution" *chin grows 3-inches*

"um, I solemnly swear to protect America from any enemy threat that may occur" *chin grows 6 more inches*

"I have strong feeling for the brave Vietnam Veterans who fought for our country like I did" *chin grows 1-foot longer*

", did I mention I'm a Catholic?" *chin hits the floor*

"AHHHGGGG!! My CHIN!! - somebody...anybody?" *crowd chuckles*

"Stop it! Stop making fun of me...STOP!! It's not what you think...I'm not lying!" *chin breaks*

"OUCH!! I didn't do it! I DIDN'T FREAKIN DO IT!!!" *Goes running away and has is chin replaced with an artificial one*

Now that would be funny - at least for me. What do you think? Do you have any funny scenarios (about Chin Kerry) you would like to share? Just drop'em in the comment box or email them to us.



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