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Why Political Correctness is Getting Us Nowhere Real Fast!

 - Brian

I'm going to make this brief - so listen up you politically correct pansies:

The reason Political Correctness (P C) is getting us nowhere, is because without being frank with some people, this world will come to an end. If we were all just happy, go-lucky-never-offend-wussies, then every perverted politically incorrect "weirdo" in the world would be getting there way all the time. You couldn't correct anyone who was in serious error, thus the person would go throughout life spreading false-word.

Do you think Jesus was politically correct? No, if he was, there would not be any Catholic Faith. Everyone would just be going on a rampage of sin. If God allowed the Pope to be politically correct while mandating the the rules of the Catholic Church, he would tell us to interpret the Bible for ourselves and do what we think is easiest. NO! He stricly tells us the rules of the Catholic Church and commands us to follow them without question!!!!

Some of the greatest heroes of the world accomplished what they did by being Politically INCORRECT!!!

just think 'bout that for a while...


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