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A story of forgiveness

 - Joe

A man and his wife (former jews who converted to Christianity) were living in Nazi Germany in the time of the Second World War.
One night, the man's wife woke up to hear her husband talking to another person. Meanwhile, her husband was busy talking to a Nazi S.S. Officer he knew. He asked the man; "How many jews did you kill in the last six weeks?"
The Nazi replied "Around twenty-five thousand."
The officer named the various cities.
"How many did you kill in this area?"
"All of them. I killed every Jew."
"And you don't feel any remorse?"
"None. There is no such thing as God, and no such thing as forgiveness."
"Well we'll see about that. My wife is upstairs and she hasn't heard any of this. "
So he called his wife, and she got up, and dressed herself and came downstairs. Her husband said:
"Here is the man that killed your Mother, your Father, your three brothers, and your three sisters."
She instantly threw her arms about the man's neck, and kissed him, and said
"As God forgives you;
so do I forgive you."
The Nazi fell on his knees and begged the couple to pray to God for forgiveness. And in such a way, his soul was saved for God


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