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 - Brian

I've been so bored online at the moment, that I think i'll take up the teditous and well-paying hobby of hacking websites and ruining peoples lives by stealing their identity. Sounds fun, eh? Well, I'm kidding - though it would be fun to hack a website that forced you to pay before you downloaded one of their items or something...hehe.

Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person... yet. I've run out of website to visited so I think I'll run away to join the circus, join the army, jack a car, kidnap a beautiful princess, or join a gang war.  Also, You know that saying, "idle hands are the Devils workshop?" Well, don't listen to that - it's hogwash.

*looks out window* Oops, It seems Ivan is bored once more, for I see him attempting to light my cat on fire again. Guess I'll just have to log off and talk to him 'bout it - again. 



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