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How to maintain order amongst bratty children

 - Brian

It's as easy as that. And if you are unable to interpret the image correctly, this is all you have to do: repeatedly and firmly apply hand against lower backside of child.

I'm sick and tired of hearing these outrageous stories in which a teacher gets sued and/or fired for applying the simple practice described above. Just look around some news sites archives and you'll know what I mean.
"Blah Blah Blah. That terrible sadistic math teacher slapped poor Slappy across the face because he wouldn't shut up during class. Blah blah blah..."
These troublesome kids usually go unpunished at home. That's the first problem. If kids aren't told they're not supposed to act like clowns in learning environments, they'll act like the goofy retards at school. This goes especially for boys.

I'm sorry, but the only way you are going to get the concept of obedience across to young boys (and sometimes girls) is through your hand (or in some cases, a baseball bat). Parents just aren't punishing their kids enough. Trust me, I'm an eye-witness. Up in liberal western Washington, everything is so blasted PC. You aren't supposed to raise your voice to a kid, you're not supposed to spank you kid, and you're supposed to accept your kid as is (which is fine, accept when the kid's a brat). This of course, results in outright brattiness.
It's these PC touchy-feely liberal feminist women who are always on the backs of parents these days. They want you to raise your child without any (or very little) discipline. And who else is better at administering discipline than dads. Yes, dads. I believe that the father plays a big role in a child's development. Most dads aren't afraid of yelling at their children. Moms are somewhat good too, but it comes naturally with dads. The mom and dad both play a big part in raising a child. That's why I'm opposed to gays adopting children.
Well, anyway, just wanted to rant. And since I seem to be the only one who posts on the blog anymore, I felt I needed to say something. Blah.


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