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Eminem Sucks

 - Brian

I used to think Eminem had his crud together. I loved the fact that he didn't just waste his precious time rapping about sleazy women, fancy cars, and bling, but instead rapped about how he always got beat up at school for being a wimpy white kid.
He kind of thought outside the box in terms of rap subject matter. He decided to include plenty of shock value in his songs. Plus, he was the only rapper who was man enough to talk smack on his mother. It takes a real man to intentionally give his own mom the distinct title of "good-for-nothing drug abuser." (and for all you people out there who can't tell when I'm joking, I am.)

But of course, he flaked out and became a dipstick.

Is it any surprise that the one rapper who I actually could tolerate flaked out? Heck no. All rappers eventually become maintstream media sellouts.
But what really bothers me is the fact that he competely discarded his his trademark (gross-out humor) and decided to repackage all of his bad songs onto a new CD (Encore)using different backgound beats that mindless tools bought because they couldn't figure out Eminem's evil scheme.

So in his new album, Eminem tries to do all of the following:

-make lame political statements
-whine more about his brat daughter
-whine more about his evil wife
-suck as bad as he possibly can

You probably have heard his new song "Mosh" in which Eminem bashes Bush and tax cuts. This especially makes me angry because tax cuts rule. Stupid mixed up liberal. Besides, if you notice, every other pop music artist out there is making songs against the president. Wow. How original, Slim.

As you can see in the above picture, Eminem has put the finishing bullet in his head and is now officially dead (along with 50 Cent and the rest of the hip-hop culture). Way to go.


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