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God hates gays and the Pope.

 - Brian

Well, according to these guys anyway.

This deeply disturbs me. First of all, this website is devoted to making intentionally hurtful remarks about homosexuals. At first, I thought it was just some phony site set up by a couple of shock-jock morons. It turns out that the site is updated by a legitimate Baptist church.
They're message is simple: All "fags" are going to hell, the Pope is going to hell, and anyone who doesn't completely agree with them is going to hell (If I agreed with them, we'd both be wrong!).
This, of course, simply isn't right. Instead of trying to convert sinners using love and reason, they spew hate.

The main reason I'm so disturbed is the fact that they believe that what they're doing is actually right. They seriously need to be corrected.

In their FAQ section, they make it clear where they stand. They misinterpret the Bible completely, and give Christians an even worse name.

These people need to be corrected. Please go to their site and email them a charitable couple of sentences (or pages). Thanks.


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