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"I'm Against Abortion Except..."

 - Brian

Except nothing, fool.

I love debating people whose stance on abortion is semi-pro-life. Meaning that they are against abortion except in cases of rape and incest. So in other words, it's okay to murder a child if he's the result of something other than "normal sex."

By saying "I'm against abortion except in cases of rape and incest," they are admitting that there is, in fact, a child in the womb before birth. In that case, wouldn't aborting a fetus who is a result of rape/incest be murder? After all, it doesn't matter what the baby is a result of; it's still a human life. The baby can't help if he/she is a result of rape or incest. So why take it out on the baby?

My logic is irrefutable. *grabs another prozac*

update: I've just corrected the typos. The perfection of my spelling and grammar is irrefutable.


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