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Screw Mexico

 - Brian

Recently, I've been keeping a list of countries that I would like to see disappear. So far on the list, I've got France, de Netherlands, and mexico.

So far, mexico has me P.O.ed more than any other country.

Why? Because mexico's no good government has the nerve to tell us what we should be doing (or should not be doing) about illegals in our country.

And yes, illegals are causing trouble for America -- economically and socially.

And the liberals aren't helping either -

Let's see, what was I going to say next? Oh yeah, screw LIBERALS! Any liberal who isn't opposed to open borders is either blatantly anti-American or seriously uninformed. Can't liberals see what the illegals are doing to America? I would like to ask every liberal who reads this blog to pull his/her head out of there and wake up to reality. Thank you. *grabs a prozac*


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