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My turn! My turn!

 - James

Of course, as soon as I saw that in the last post (erm--make that post-before-last), I just kneeeew I had to try it myself, and here be the result:

Image Hosted by

Of course, I took some "artistic license" with this, but I have a feeling most people would. In fact, the only thing about this that is accurate at all is the hair, skin color, and the color of the (almost invisible) pants.
Although you never know--I might have a lightsaber. So it would be best not to get on my bad side, eh? ;)

P.S.: My apologies to Joe, for shoving the post he must've made like, not two hours ago into the land of, erm, not-new-post-dom (when the post is, in fact, brand new, so you oughta scroll down and read it).


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