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My (Derek) Official Salutations!!

 - Psychomancer

Well I have to say Im not quite a daily visitor as the invitation stated, but I do check often.

Actually I dont think any of you know me "personaly", but I found Blog Hogger when james started commenting on my blog. I was like, "I LOVE THESE GUYS!!"

But ok, a little bout me self eh?

I am a college student near the end of my second year. I am a conservative christain although not officially affilliated with any church at the moment. I do attend Bible studys at the college and a youth group with one of my friends. After I finish next quarter I will be waiting for my shipment date for BootCamp in the AirForce.

And I think thats about my lifes story....... at present at least.

Anyother questions just ask me.


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