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 - Joe

I have discovered a piece of paper from communist party people in a bookstore in Seattle not that long ago. there is a printable version of it on their website at As I am now reading Ann Coulter's Treason, I have become a bit wiser on such matters. Before I work the subject of communism to death (one of Sponsz's favorite pastimes) I wish to mention that Ann Coulter is, for all intents and perposes, a Godsend.

Now then, on to Communism.

It is supposed to be a (nuclear) winter wonderland , awash with people with newscaster-style smiles on their faces, working together in peace and harmony while Bush and Reagan are cast henceforth into Gahenna for intolerance. Anyone besides Liberals who have been in the People's Republic of China can tell you otherwise. In fact, many people will still call Josef Stalin a "misunderstood reformer" . anyone who was stuck in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would tell you otherwise as well! this will have several follow-up posts, so again (sorry Sponsz) I'll just leave off at that.


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