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Marching,marching,marching FOR LIFE!

 - Joe

Yesterday was an interesting day, complete with large capitol buildings, angry goths/hippies, and a talking Cow. Yes, I attended the March for Life yesterday! After attending Mass at Saint Mark's, we entered the spacious bus provided for us by the nice people there. Our traveling companions included Sponsz, Brian, Stiny, and various others. So, after a long trip ripe with discussions about communism, THE MARCH, and ... Yanni? we prayed the rosary and finished up just in time to see The Capitol. So, while hanging around, we entered the legislative building and wreaked havoc. Afterwards, we saw more of our freinds and so we stayed there while more people we knew cascaded by us. Suddenly, THE MARCH started, and we followed the multitudes on their way to The very steps of the Capitol. During the multitudinous speaches, about 25-30 protesters entered the fray. Their professional-looking signs had such concilliatory, wholesome messages as "You are perverts!", "Abort Bush!", and the real crusher "Compassionite Conservatives kill Iraqi babies!" As Brian posted, during the closing prayer, and the following rather patriotic rendition of "God Bless America" they continued chanting that intelligent argument(sigh) "BULLS***!" With that final "God Bless America" or for PC's "G** Ble** America", However, THE MARCH was concluded, and the Pro-murderers tried to make themselves scarce as the Youth for Life group walked straight over and struck up a conversation (I'll give you three guesses about what). Then, voices gone, we all crawled back to the bus and drove home.
This is yearly in WA state, so come if you can next year. It's loads o' fun and you get to protest a horrible law at the same time! In Closing, thanks to all who made life interesting yesterday, and G** Ble**,



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