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March for LIFE!!

 - Brian

Today, I, along with millions of friends, took a bus to the capital. Once we arrived, we then took a look around the place. It was amazing!

Well, hundreds of people showed up from all around the state. All were pro-life, all as cool as me (whatever).
After Joe, Sponsz, and I had located some of our friends, we went around goofing off (my favorite activity).
Hundreds of people flocked to the the capital stairs and waited to hear the speeches.
Then, out of somewhere, came around 30-40 pro-abortion people. The majority of them consisted of young goths and aging hippies. Not a pretty thing.
During some of the speeches, the pro-abortion people decided to swear at us and make a whole lotta noise. That too was disturbing.

The thing that upset me the most was this: During the Pledge of Allegiance, the abortion supporters screamed, yelled, and cussed. Wow. What a respectful thing to do, winners.
Not to mention they shouted "BullS***" during the prayers. That too, was noble.

Why all the hate? They accuse us of being hateful, but they were the ones demonstrating hatred.

More later, I don't have much time. maybe Sponsz will enlighten you on some of the details.


I corrected some of my typos and spelling errors. Sorry for making myself look like a complete moron.


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