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Another March For Life Under my Belt...

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Along with several other members of the Bloghogger Staff, I was lucky enough to attend the annual March For Life down at the Capital Building in Olympia. I've been there for the last two years, and I have to say this was positively the best one yet. There was a great turnout (from what I heard, there were 4,000 people there), and some excellent speeches by various senators, including three Democrats.

I also got a tour of the Capital Building itself, which was pretty cool. I'd never been in there before, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The place is enormous, and built almost entirely of marble. Awesome.

I totally encourage all of you readers to attend the March For Life next year; it's really quite inspiring and edifiying to see the masses of Pro-Lifers all gathered together to protest that terrible decision of the Supreme Court known as Roe vs. Wade.


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