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Eastern Washington or bust!

 - Brian

Yo! WSU has invited four 4H kids (in Washington state!) to participate in a test. They want the four kids to try out some advanced Virtual Reality equipment and answer some questions. Well, my friend "Bill" was invited - the only problem is that "Bill" is now ill. Thus, "Bill's" dad, Mr. "Smith", has referred me to Mr. H. Now I'm going to take "Bill's" place!!! Also, I get to stay overnight at a hotel with the other 3 kids. It's gonna be heaven!
When my dear mother informed me about this, I gave myself 3 options:

1) Stay home and do school.

2) Stay home and do nothing.

3) Travel to Eastern Washington and operate highly advanced, state-of-the-art, Virtual Reality gear.

Hmmmm.... Hard decision I might add.
They say I'll be back around Friday. Well, I hope I have fun operating some highly advanced, state-of-the-art, Virtual Reality gear, staying at a hotel overnight, and eating some great food. Wish me luck ~ ;}


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