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Free Publicity

 - Brian

Yo. Check this out. Free publicity...

But wait a minute...
The author said, "Not a particularly good blog, but like I said, sometimes it's hard to find one." Wait a second, this is the best spankin' blog in the whole wide world. You can't find a blog better then this one ;)
I mean, really, how many blogs do you visit that are devoted to bashing Kerry?

BTW, I wish I could figure out what Quality Control actually is. It appears to be a bunch of random links and junk...

Popular blogs usually stink
Have you noticed that some of the most popular blogs around are boring as heck? Most of them link to boring news articles and give a 10-word opinion. Then, there are the blogs that are updated by a bunch of brain-dead celebrity pansies who have nothing better to do then rant about Prez. Bush.
Ah well.

Thank you and good night


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