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I'm finally back...

 - Brian

I'm terribly sorry for my absence lately. I've been really busy with other things. I'm so glad my friends came to the rescue while I was away and defended the Christian Faith more than adequately.

To The QCA

I'm sorry I have upset you by reviewing your blog in the manner in which I did. I wasn't very charitable in my language. I apologize.
I would like to thank the QCA members who were able to restrain themselves from using offensive language.

Last, I do not want a battle on our blog, but instead, a healthy conversation. Insulting each other will not accomplish anything, but articulate discussion will.

In Defense of the Christian Faith

I am currently writing up an article defending Catholism and the Christian Faith in general. I will be answering some common accusations aimed toward Christianity. The Bible and the Christian Faith can be defended no matter what. Strong Catholics who truly know their Faith can defend it regardless of who their accuser is.

Also, we are not simply Christian zombies who are afraid of discussing religion and facing the truth. We can face the facts and handle the truth, and the fact is that any misconceptions anyone has with the Catholic Faith can be answered.
Since Blog Hogger is updated by true Catholics, it can handle any false accusation that comes its way.

Once again, I am sorry for offending the QCA. Please forgive me.
Keep the intelligent conversation up, and you'll all receive free candy. :)

God bless,



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