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Whatever you do, don't vote for the tough guy...

 - Brian

Thank you, Pete. That reminds me of something I was going to say...

See people, bin Laden's smart. He knows that if Bush is reelected, he'll finish the job once and for all. Listen, bin Laden's an intelligent guy. He knows that Kerry doesn't have enough sand or determination to make a dent in Al Qaeda. He knows that President Bush isn't playing around anymore.
Forget how incredibly unintelligent Bush is and think: Who do you honestly believe will do the most damage to the infamous Al Qaeda? If you said John Kerry, then you've been smoking something illegal. If you said Prez Bush, then you've got your stuff together.
I've seen fascinating statistics that show who John Kerry's real supporters are. Most of the abnormal voters include a number of terrorist organizations.
How many of those guys do you think voted for Bush? Hmmm, let's see now, NONE! Face it people, if you want Al Qaeda and bin Laden out of the way for good, support Bush.

Check this out:

I was reading an interview with Governor Rendell. This is part of his response after being asked how the new bin Laden tape would effect voters.

"it's obvious to me that Bin Laden is trying to help George Bush because George Bush is the best recruiter that Al Qaeda has. George Bush is so disliked in the Arab world that we're creating terrorists every single day. More terrorists than we can even come close to killing."

Oh sure. If any canidate is going to be hated by Arabs, it's going to be Kerry.
Why do you think terrorists attacked the twin towers on 9/11? One reason is because the Arab world is disgusted by the immorality included in American culture (and I do mean immorality).
Kerry supports gay marriage, partial birth abortion, and euthanasia. Tell me, how many Arabs do you think agree with gay marriage? Do we really need any more terrorists on our case? So you're saying that by voting for John Kerry, we are reducing the number of terrorists out there? I want names. I WANT NAMES!!!!!

Tha's all the ranting for today, so hang in there!

Remember: Real men vote for Bush, sensitive new-aged guys vote for Kerry (mainly because he won't hurt their feelings).


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