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Loose mentally i'll Commentators...Watch out!!!! And cool music video by u2!!

 - Pete

I've noticed lately we've been receiving inappropriate comments from a buntch of mentally ill paganists, who have some how, escaped their mentall hospitals.

I know this may seem shocking to you but this happens quite frequently, almost everyday. The problem is, they don't have enough police guards down there. We need to enforce security down in those mental hospitals a little more!!! Couldn't you agree? Or our country will end up rolling down a hill, not that it hasn't all ready started yet.

So, until those police officers quit eating donuts and get off their lazy butts, and start protecting our country, I suggest that we all just take it cool and ignore those who are mental and that need some kind of real help. There disease is called paganism. Scientists have not found a cure
for it yet, unfortunately. The reason why is because scientists these days, are to busy arguing the pointless fact that human beings evolved from mosquitoes, and became fish, and then became flys, and then became fish again, and who knows what they think. Just except the fact that there is a God, and things that just can't be explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I've tried giving them my enduring wisdom, but unfortunately it's pointless. You just can't communicate with evil doers. The only thing you can do is ignore them.

Oh, and you can check out a 30 second clip of the actuall music video for "Vertigo" that is only at Its pretty cool!!! Don't get dizzy!!!!


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