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BH rules of conduct: be nice or begone

 - Joe

So all you people from the "Quality Control Alliance" have been thinking that you can destroy our faith in Jesus Christ by profanely stating that we insult you all after calling us (--improper stuff annihilated--). As Catholic Christians we can certainly forgive you, but if you wish to continue commenting on the various things that we post about, let me lay out the ground rules for commenting on this blog.
Most importantly, there can be no, NO PROFANITY ON THIS BLOG AT ALL. There are better ways to describe words in the English language. We "stuck-up, hypocritical Christian zombies" call them "adjectives" but then that's just us...
No explicit pornographic material, such phrases are reprehensible (that means bad).
Now I know what you all are thinking and I bet this is what you'll comment on "oooh... Big, bad, Bloghogger Joe thinks he can frighten us off by limiting our vocabulary! Well, get ******* this, ********..." And I do admit, there is nothing that I can currently do to stop you from doing this type of thing except urge you not to and pray without ceasing for your collective souls and that you may turn from the enemy of us all to He Who is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life".
May God bless you all and have mercy on me as much as on you.

God bless and go Red Sox,


Blog Hogger has been receiving hateful, profane comments from an anti-Christian blog lately. View comments at your own risk.


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