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Sky Captain: A Retro Look Into The Future

 - Brian

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to see Sky captain and The World Of Tomorrow. I found the movie virtually flawless.

The Plot
Take Indiana Jones and stick him into the pit of a fighter plane. Take retro looking robots and have them stomp around N.Y. There, you've got Sky Captain.

The overall presentation of the film was great. I have to give the special effects a +.
I thought the robots were pretty cool. They looked like the classic 40s style robots. I also liked the fact that the whole movie looked as if it was filmed in the 40s. That was interesting.

Since it was designed to look like an old film, they had to darken the screen. Well, it was too dark - that took a lot away from the movie.
Also, I think they could of made Ms. Polly way more hotter. She sort of looked like a clown. Hehehe.

If you're looking for an action-packed (family oriented) movie, this is a "must see."


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