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Be gone, Satanists

 - Brian

I was reading a disturbing article on the Catholic Register. It was talking about a young man (and Satanist) who murdered a Catholic priest after Mass in Chile.

The Assailant, Rodrigo Orias Gallardo, was dressed in black and armed with a knife. Witnesses said Gallardo knelt next the priest after killing him and began to invoke Satan's name.

...I bet you won't be hearing this on any major news station or news paper around here. That's because they don't want to portray Catholics as being violated or persecuted. I mean, really, just imagine what would happen if the priest murdered the Satanist...that would be all over the stinkin' news.

Similar events took place in northern Italy this past June. Police arrested three men who are accused of ordering the murder of at least five youths in the area around Milan since 1998.

That's twisted, and I bet it wasn't in the news around here either. I mean, c'mon people, the media is sick and twisted. They probably don't want to offend other Satanists, but of course it's alright to publish any little thing the Church does wrong. They do this mainly because the Catholic Church poses a major threat to big industries everywhere (Mainly porn).

Police say the three Satanists ordered the ritual killing of a 19-year-old women, Chiara Marino, and 18-year-old Fabio Tollis in 1998. Marino was found dead in the woodland areas northwest of Milan, and Tollis, guitarist with a Milan heavy-metal group, was murdered because of last-minute doubts regarding the "sacrifice" of Marino.

The article also says that a majority of Satanist groups are comprised of youth. Satanists have tricky little ways of finding members to join.
So, as you can tell, many Satanists are in extremely dangerous cults, and many of them are dangerous. Their thinking method is warped and many of them are racists (I saw a show that explained that).

In my opinion, I think governments around the world should create a special tactical military team to go out and bust these cults (i'm half kidding). They're dangerous and hazardous to the human soul.


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