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HTDAAB - And music news you can use....

 - Pete

Does anyone know what spectacular, remarkable, incredible, bombardment is going to happen in the next 38 days?!!!!! NO!!!!!! Am I the only one who listens to 10.77 the end around here? This is a disgrace!!! Someone should inform the president about this!!

Anyway, incase you ignorant people out there didn't know... U2's next album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"(HTDAAB) will be RELEASED in exactly 38 days on Nov. 23rd, hurray!huray,huray!!! And incase you do not have a clue who u2 is, there the best rock band in the world. There now you know. And their new single" Vertigo" is incredible!!! Some great new
guitar sounds, and base rithyms. To check vertigo you can visit to hear a
30 second clip of the song. Or you can download itunes on your computer, for free, and watch an exclusive ipod video ad of the song.

Lets see, other musak news.....duhdedum.....Oh yeah, eminem has managed to crank up some new stuff with a new Michael Jackson bashing song called "Just Lose It". Its pretty cool.
Aspecially the music video, oh and did I mention that Micheal Jackson is trying to sue eminem
because of the "Just lose it" music video. He,he,he, nice going eminem!

And "Good Charlotte" has a new CD out called "the chronicals of life and death" which has some
good sounds.

Oh yeah, one of my favorite bands next to u2, "Green Day", has a great new song out
" American Idiot" and the name of the album is also called American Idiot.

Thats pretty much all the music news for now, and just remember if politics and John Kerry these days has really got you mad and confused, you can always take a break, relax, and listen to some u2, eminem, or green day...there always there for you.

See ya next time..... IF THERE IS.


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