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Bin Laden warns U.S. voters......

 - Pete

As I sit here typing my post, I am also reading the front page of The Seattle Times, at the same time. It says here, yesterday Osama bin Laden appeared on a broadcast by Al Jazeera Saying that he is responsible for 9/11, and America is responsible for who they put in office. Duh!!!Anyway, he also said that,"If America chooses a president who will hunt down and destroy Al-Qaida, America will face the consequences."

Ok, first of all, Bin laden you've been saying that for the last 15 years. Secondly, the only thing you could do was crash airplanes into buildings which killed over 3000 people, but if you think about it, now you can't even come out of your secret cubby whole without U.S. Marines jumping on you like jack-rabbits. Third, how in the world could you think that America, the most powerful country in the universe, would back down to a buntch of rag heads running around with Ak-47s, in ancient clothing, shouting, "Ala, ala,ala, what can we do, America is winning the war on terror, oh no". I laugh in your face!!! HaHaHaHa. You should of had second thoughts before you picked a fight with the most powerful country on Earth, not to mention the whole universe.

This broadcast by Osama bin Laden yesterday, was only ment to scare you, and stop you from voting for President Bush. This tells me that Mister rag head is getting scared. And that we are winning the war on terror.


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