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VR trip!

 - Brian

Whew! I'm back! Whatda ya' know? I'm back!
That trip was stinkin' amazing...It took 7 hours for us (the 4 kids in the van) to reach the hotel. The hotel was extremely pleasant. It had a pool and everything!

Well, the virtual reality equipment was amazing. It was kind of strange seeing your virtual hand, but even cooler looking around a virtual room! You had 100% liberty in the 3D places.
The program we tested had a simple objective: Assemble 3 pieces of metal parts in a virtual room.
Surprisingly, the program was almost awkward! It was hard to put together the metal parts in 3D (for some reason). It was almost funny watching a couple of girls try to assemble the things. They were all over the place. While me, on the other hand, constructed the 3 parts in 25 seconds flat!

All in all, it was a pretty good time!

Other stuff
I have a new batch of Comiks just rotting in my desktop folder waiting to be published - so stay around for that.
By the way, if you have any ideas for a good Comik, (1 or 2 panels) just email me here

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Nice. I just noticed I'm looking slimmer - I also lost 10 pounds!


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