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Is eminem's new album worth your money?

 - Pete

Yo, sup everybody. Is this argument over yet? Didn't think so. At least were winning.

As I logged on to itunes on my computer yesterday, I watched and listened to some of eminem's new songs from his new album "Encore" I believe is the name. And he has really been "losing himself" lately.

One of the songs was "Mosh". A complete and total Bush bashing song. Saying that,"Give Bush his own AK-47 and go fight his own ******* war!!!" It was really stupid. There was a time when eminem had his stuff together during 8 mile, and his earlier albums. But now he has gotten into hip-hop mixed with dj's and electronic dance music. But there is one song I will give him credit for "just lose it". But don't waste your money on Encore and go check out u2's new album "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" which will be in stores Nov. 23. And their new song "Vertigo" has already broken most records in rock'n roll history. I've mentioned before you can catch the song at . Or you can download itunes to your computer for free at . And watch a free ipod ad music video of the song.

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