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I Finally Figured Out What the "Quality Control alliance" Is.

 - Brian

After looking around The Quality Control Blog, I finally discovered the purpose of this weblog. It's an evil blog updated by an army of atheists and Satanists who have nothing better to do then to post their misconceptions of the Christian Faith. They make extremely crude and immature jokes aimed towards religion and morals.
I was laughing my guts out reading the stupidity of their opinions! Don't you people have anything better to do with your life then to make fun of other people's religions? lol!
On their blog, they have a little church sign (the same kind I posted) that reads, "God fears the Quality Control alliance!" HAHAHA!! You sorry losers, God doesn't fear you, he's probably laughing to death at your ignorance! If I was God, I would erase the Quality Control blog all together.
What you people really need is some quality self-control.


The comments on this post by the Quality Control Alliance contains extremely profane language. Reader discretion advised.


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