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America needs some real men...

 - Brian

Is it just me, or is this nation going soft? I'm sick and tired of anti-Bush pansies. All they like to do is cry and complain about every little thing Prez. Bush has done. They blame September 11 on Bush - They think he's behind the 9/11 attacks. Oh sure, genius, if you look closely at the pictures of the planes going into the twin towers, you might just see Bush jumping out while trying to put on his parachute. I'm sure that's what Michael Moore wants you to think.

At least Bush had enough butt to actually get rid of a terrible tyrant...But I guess now that's a bad thing. Blah.

I can't believe people are falling for John "chin-boy" Kerry's little patriotic act. (BTW, did you see Kerry at the debates? He never directly answered a question. He just started blaming Bush for everything!)

C'mon, Bush, I think it's time to get mean and put your foot down on this matter - that is, slap some sense into some people!


Public schools are banning Halloween parties, due to the fact that witch costumes offend real witches. Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you by dressing like a pretend witch? That's funny, the public schools never listened to any complaints by Christians (Some Christians wanted to ban witches and devils from parties)! It seems everyone's catering to the demands of freaks these days (and yes, real witches are freaks).
Girls, listen up: This coming Halloween, dress like repulsive witches with paper signs on the back saying, "This is what a real witch looks like!" That'd be great!

People, stop giving in to all the pansies trying to rule our lives, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!


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