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 - Brian

---Buy Gears of War.

If someone took the manliest aspects of war (e.g rusty chainsaws, bulky, cumbersome armor, ridiculously enormous firearms, explosions etc) and combined them with aw inspiring art, the result would probably be something with as much awesome as Gears of War (divided by two).

Needless to say, the visuals are stunning.

Someone/something getting his/it's shtuff ruined by a chainsaw. Oh the moral depravity. o_O

If your computer isn't an archaic excuse for a doorstop, you should check out the in-game vids.

Now, where could I possibly find enough $$$ to purchase an Xbox 360? Oh well, back to selling narcotics on the corner. A nigga's gots to do what a nigga's gots to do. The white man's got me down, dawg.


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