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Loads of pretty little hits...

 - Brian

For the first time in 2 months, I decided to check out Blog Hogger's hit statistics to see how depressed I could make myself. Well, my findings were...unexpected.
It seems we're recieving roughly 2,000 hits a month, most of those new visitor hits.

All this leads me to the following questions: Dude, where's the comments? I know I haven't been posting much in the past few months, so where are all these hits coming from, and why aren't people commenting? As of lately, we've been recieving 40 to 70 hits a day, and I'd expect at least 1 out of 40 people to comment every once in a while. Very strange. Well, actually it isn't, but I'd like to think it's strange anyway.

Also, there's quite a few returning visitors with the same I.P address, which leads me to yet another question: What do you people do all day? I can't imagine you sit down at your computer for hours on end refreshing Blog Hogger, but I can't be sure...for sure. It's not like we really update that much anymore, and when we do, it's nothing that thought provoking.

There's my monthly update.

Praise Allah.


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