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Strange Question:

 - Brian

While skimming through some online surveys/tests, I stumbled upon a thought provoking (and rather disturbing [depending on who you are]) question:

Could you kill another human being? I'm not talking senseless murder, but rather self defense. If that's too broad, I'll set up a scenario:

You're being attacked at home/work/school by someone who is trying to inflect serious harm (if not death) on you. Would you try to escape his grasp and run to get help, or would you fight back, and possibly kill him? Or would you let him kill you, because you are strictly against killing another human being? --- What if a loved one was being attacked? Could you do it then?

It's a strange question, I know, but it's a rather interesting one.

I know for a fact that I could kill someone who was attacking me or another innocent without second thoughts. It wouldn't be a crime, after all, so I wouldn't need to feel guilty.

If you have any (and I mean ANY) thoughts on the matter, please respond, or else I'll feel awkward posting this.


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