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lol wtf!

 - Brian

Just thought I'd post a random myspace survey to pass the time.

My Survey For Myspace
[ Basics ]
Name :::Brian T
Nickname(s) :::Brizzle, SWAT, JaKobe (I don't know why the last one)
Location :::Seattle Area
Gender :::Female.
Marital Status :::Divorced 9 times. I'm unable to hold down a stable relationship due to sexual molestation in the past.
Hair Color :::Dark brown.
Eye Color :::Brown.
Height :::between 5'10 and 5'11
[ School ]
Elementary School Name :::Brian
Middle School Name :::Brian
High School Name :::Brian
1st Grade Teachers Name :::Mom
2nd Grade Teachers Name :::Mom
3rd Grade Teachers Name :::Mom
4th Grade Teachers Name :::Mom
5th Grade Teachers Name :::Mom
Attending College :::No.
Major :::No.
Minor :::Just freaking no.
Favorite Subject :::School's for losers.
Least Favorite Subject :::Everything.
Most Influencial Teacher :::Darth Vader.
Most Hated Teacher :::Mom.
[ Friends ]
Best Friends :::Ivan, Joe, Pete, Nick and there's probably more.
Does Your Group of Friends Have A Name :::Why would I do that? That's hella' gay, for sure.
If So, What Is It :::Seattle ButtPirates.
Cutest :::Me.
Most Gothic :::I don't hang with goths that often.
Preppiest :::Me.
Gayest :::Me.
Most Athletic :::Pete or Ivan.
Smartest :::Me.
Funniest Drunk :::Me.
Funniest Sober :::Me.
Blondest, I mean Joe.
Biggest Redneck :::Joe.
Wears The Most Black :::Me.
Most Morbid :::...I don't know. Ivan and I are pretty damn morbid.
Nicest Car :::Who said anything about a car?
Most Responsible :::Joe followed by Ivan.
Has The Best Job :::Joe.
Has The Most Kids :::Me.
Most Unstable :::Me for sure. I kill you, foo' (just ask any of them).
Biggest Backstabber :::Me.
Biggest Flirt :::Me.
Biggest Tease :::Me.
Biggest Slut :::Me.
Listens To Country The Most :::Joe, and he's going to hell for it.
Listens To Pop The Most :::Pete/Joe.
Listens To Rap/R&B The Most :::Me.
Listens To Rock The Most :::Ivan, Nick and I.
Listens To Techno The Most :::No, my best friends actually have decent musical tastes...except Joe, mainly because he listens to country.
[ Have You Ever... ]
Gotten Drunk :::For sure.
Cheated On A Boyfriend/Girlfriend :::No.
Been Cheated On :::No.
Betrayed A Friend :::Probably. I don't know.
Lied To A Friend :::Um, yes...
Lied To Your Parents :::The first 12 years of my life were spent lying to me parents.
Broken The Law :::But it's fun!
Smoked Cigarettes :::I think my dad reads this blog...
Done Drugs :::Like I said above, I think my dad reads this blog...
Skinny Dipped :::Yeah, I think I was 1 1/2.
Mooned Someone :::Yes.
Played Spin The Bottle :::Yes.
Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex :::Yes, I'm a homosexual.
Kissed Someone Of The Opposite Sex :::For sure.
Dated Someone Of The Same Sex :::These questions are getting a bit Brokeback, if you get my drift.
Dated Someone Of The Opposite Sex :::Why would I make an emotional investment in something that wouldn't last more than a few months at the most?
Had Sex With Someone Of The Same Sex :::Oh, all the time.
Had Sex With Someone Of The Opposite Sex :::Hi dad! I know you're reading this... :)
Got In A Fist Fight :::A smallish one.
Read A Whole Book, Cover To Cover :::For sure!
Been To A Football Game :::Football sucks.
Been To A Baseball Game :::I believe so.
Been To A Basketball Game :::Yes.
Been To A Soccer Game :::Soccer sucks.
Been To A Nascar Race :::Yes, while making out with my sister.
Met A Celebrity :::Some TV and radio personalities...nothing big.
Idolized A Movie Star :::Hells no. My life's not that empty...
Watched TV For More Than 6 Hours :::A couple times. I'm not a big TV person..
Slept More Than 12 Hours :::I think I did a couple years ago.
Tried To Commit Suicide :::I thought about it at least 3 times when I was younger (Severe emotional issues, as you can tell).
Been Hunting :::Yes, I've hunted fish before, if that counts.
Been Fishing :::Read above.
Been Camping :::My dad's a camping fanatic.
Been On A Road Trip :::Not really...I'm planning one, though.
Been Outside Of The United States :::Yes, to the exotic land of Canada.
Been To Alaska :::Definitely.
Been To Hawaii :::No, unfortunately.
[ Favorites ]
Favorite TV Show :::Family guy, Arrested Development, South Park and a couple other comedy shows.
Favorite Movie :::War of the Worlds (original and new version)...I don't really have a favorite.
Favorite Band :::System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, RHCP, DragonForce.
Favorite Singer :::...
Favorite Music Genre :::Rock and Metal, followed by underground rap and classical.
Favorite Actor :::Don't have one. I have a lot of respect for Johnny Depp's acting, though.
Favorite Actress :::I forget her name, but I do remember she was really, REALLY HOT.
Favorite Author :::H.G Wells, George Orwell, Andre Norton, maddox.
Favorite Sport To Watch :::Basketball, and I admit, football.
Favorite Sport To Play :::Basketball, for sure!
Favorite Color :::Black.
Favorite Animal :::I'd have to go with my fellow dog. Either that or a wild man-puma.
Favorite Nascar Driver :::You've got to be kidding me...
Favorite Sports Athlete :::No.
Favorite College Football Team :::No.
Favorite Professional Football Team :::No.
Favorite Baseball Team :::No.
Favorite Basketball Team :::No.
Favorite Dream Car :::I don't have one, playa'.
Favorite Hang Out Place :::On local street corners.
Favorite Video Game Console :::Xbox, Super NES, Dreamcast.
Favorite Video Game :::Mega Man X, Halo, Counter Strike, Black, and some other old school ones.
[ Looking For In Opposite Sex ]
Hair Color :::Like I give a damn. Probably dark, though, now that I think about it.
Hair Length :::No too short -- c'mon now, ladies.
Eye Color :::Oooh, wow. Like eye color has a whole hell of a lot to do with anything.
Height :::Shorter than me. I'm the dominate male, remember?
Ethnicity(ies) :::Not Asian. Ooops, did I just say that? My bad...
Body Type :::Smallish, I guess.
Facial Hair :::For sure. She needs a beard. Not just any beard, but a rockin' Jesus beard.
Smoker :::Like I care.
Drinker :::I don't care. Please, believe me on this. I DON'T CARE.
Goal Oriented or Spontaneous :::Both.
Funny or Serious :::Somewhere in between.
Shy or Outgoing :::Probably on the outgoing side, but I can't stand chatty social addicts.
Friendly or Cruel :::Yeah, Like I want a cruel girlfriend. Retard.
Romantic or Sweet :::By Romantic, do you mean "let's stare into each other's eyes for the next 4 hours"? No.
Athletic or Artistic :::Artistic.
Commitment or Casual Dating :::Depends on my mood and the color shirt I'm wearing.
Tattoos :::I don't care. I mean, nothing on the face.
Piercings :::Just as long as her face isn't weighed down by them.
Top 3 Aspects Looking For :::Somewhat intelligent, cute, and laid back.
Top 3 Aspects Avoiding :::Critical/uber-sarcastic, FAT, and uptight.
[ This or That ]
Chocolate or Vanilla :::Vanilla all the way, buddy.
Sun or Moon :::Sun, although I'm more of a night person.
Stars or Clouds :::Stars.
Day or Night :::Night.
Ocean or Lake :::Lake.
Rainy or Sunny :::Please, explain to me why I'd choose rain over sun?
Walk or Run :::No, I like to RUN everywhere. I heard it impresses the ladies.
Sing or Dance :::I like watching things die from a distance.
Love or Sex :::That depends entirely one the color of my shirt, and if my dad's reading.
Cherry or Strawberry :::Cherry. Whoop.
Beer or Wine :::Beer. I'm a man, remember?
Greed or Lust :::Both.
Hot or Cold :::Hot.
Black or White :::Black (I'm sure many of you know why).
Gothic or Preppie :::Neither, you dolt. People who fit into high school cliques are soulless zombies.
Jock or Brain :::Jocky Brain.
Roommates or Alone :::Alone, so I could walk around my place naked all the time. Oh wait, I could to that with a roommate as well. I don't know.
Pork or Beef :::If it's meat, I'll eat it.
Math or English :::English.
Rock or Pop :::Rock. Pop is for fat white college girls. Did I just say that? My bad.
Country or Rap :::Underground and old school rap.
Democrat or Republican :::They both suck on every level possible.
[ Thoughts On... ]
Abortion :::Who needs babies, I mean, abortion is mean.
Violence In Video Games :::Bring it, that's what I say. Besides, I enjoy hearing moms bitch about things they don't know anything about.
Terrorism :::Only if they target people I don't like. Just kidding. Or am I?
War In Iraq :::A cover up for political bullshit. Even though I believe we did some good things over there, the whole ordeal goes much deeper than it appears.
The Armed Forces :::The more the better.
Illegal Immigration :::Like I care. Mexicans rule.
Racism :::Can't get enough of it.
Gay Marriages :::Takes a toll on society.
Medication For Mentally Unstable People :::Sure,Why not. Hell, why not just medicate the whole country while we're at it.
Legalization Of Weed :::I don't really have a problem with weed, I just don't think it needs to be legalized for reasons I'm not going into now.
Drunk Driving :::Sure. Besides, I've heard we live in an overpopulated society.
Polygomy :::Yeah! I'll be pimpin' 7 wives, yo. Just you wait...
Prostitution :::The result of sexual molestation, lack of a father figure, or abandonment issues.
Long Distance Relationships :::SUCKS. I'm completely against LDR. It's pointless!
Online Relationships :::I mean, if you're fat, smelly, and socially awkward, yeah.
Abuse :::Builds character.
Child Labor :::Also builds character.
Black Market :::A great way for African Americans to succeed in business.
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