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Me update.

 - Brian

Just a few seconds ago, I was sitting down at my computer, when I thought to myself, "You know, the world's so dull and depressing right now. I think I'll write a post on myself to cheer everyone up."

So here I am.

Anyway, just a little update on what I'm doing in the world of the Internet:

TUMOR Yeah yeah yeah - I've rambled on about that enough. I'm basically done with the template, so I'll get around to posting that when I'm good and ready. I've recently been made an Admin for (thanks to Grant) and I'm also making a game under their name.

Zombie Smash - The game I'm making for I've got the intro clip done, and it's of epic proportions.

Planning articles for Tumor - For the most part, I don't really plan rants/articles I write. I usually just sit down at a computer and exaggerate my disdain for things that irritate me. However, I've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head that I'm kind of writing down, such as an explanation of why bears are so awesome, why Transformers are so awesome, and various movie/game reviews, ranging from The Hills Have Eyes, to Silent Hill, to Dead Rising.

Looking for money - Okay, so this isn't exactly internet related, but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm desperate for money right now. Here are the reasons:

1. Money makes me happy Just for the sake of having money. And I mean a good amount of it. I feel more secure when I have a lot of money. Girls like me more when I have money, which is an even greater incentive.
2. Guitar For the past few months, I've been borrowing my neighbor's electric guitar. Well, it's about time I got my own. Besides, the quicker I purchase my own guitar, the quicker I get to rock your face off with the devastating metal songs I've thought up.
3. Skateboard A month or two ago, I smashed my new board. Hence, I need a new board. How I am I supposed to irritate my neighbors if I don't have a means of generating noise on the sidewalk at 12:15 a.m?
4. Cloths/hats I need more beanies, more New-Era hats, more shirts, and better skate shoes.
5. Weed - How the Satan am I supposed to supply my dealer?
6. Bus Money - "bUt brIaN, itz only a few cents 4 da buss lol." It's still money that I don't have. Well, actually I do, but I take the bus a lot. Hence the need for currency.

I'm sure I could think of more reasons of why you should give me money, but I think the ones listed above will suffice.

(sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors I've made throughout this post. Actually, I'm not.)


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