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Guess what, guys?

 - James

To calm the howl of summer boredom (boredom? Psh. Not in this house), I decided to adopt a project (or three). Along with repainting my room, I decided "Why not write a novel?" Oh, gee, why not? So that's what I've been doing with my computer time instead of blogging, alas. But anyhoo...
It's not a terribly epic plot, nor complicated, nor adrenalin-pumping, nor knee-slapping. I decided to start with something simple, something I know. Namely, the situations brainless teenagers can get themselves into. Now that I'm done making my apologies, I'll explain why I'm telling you all this:
I decided putting this thing online would be a good excuse for a blog post. As you can see, I was right. So I now have it in it's own wittle bwog of its own, right here.
In case anyone's interested.
P.S. Don't ask about the title. It just popped into my head one day and I realized that, in this age when most music comes from guys calling themselves things like "Loudermilk," "Pedro the Lion," and, the weirdest, "Death Cab for Cutie*," why not call a band what I called the story?
*you can only imagine this band's polar opposite: "Life boat from ugly."


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