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 - Brian

Last night, I saw Nacho Libre with Ivan and friends...

O.M.G. The most randomly hilarious movie to ever hit the big screen.

It was considerably better than I thought it would be.

Because the director(s) of Napoleon Dynamite masterminded this bizarre creation, it still had that awkward vibe that Napoleon Dynamite emitted.

The strange/awkward humor, the random violence, and the Mexican/Catholic/Atheist stereotypes make this movie a truly unique flick.
Forget what the haters are saying - if you have any sense of humor, you'll find this movie hilarious. Trust me.

It's all good, clean fun for the most part. While the humor is on the juvenile side, adults will still enjoy Nacho's (Jack Black) awkward social skills and overall innocence.

Go see this movie today, or I'll burn your house down and strangle your pets (not necessarily in that order).


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