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I Hate People Who Hate Rap

 - Brian

Yes, you heard me. I passionately hate people who hate rap (which would probably mean you).
I can't stand these people not because they don't necessarily enjoy the style of rap music, but because they tend to make themselves out to be superior to everyone who enjoys rap (or some forms of rap).
Listen, I'm not saying I'm a huge fan of rap (the mainstream materialism pisses me off), I'm just saying I can't stand the pompous attitude of the people who are against it.

It would be all right if they simply said-
"Yeah, I'm not a fan of rap. I don't like the style and message most rap 'artists' provide."

But instead they say-
"Psh. Rap music is for complete and utter anthropoid apes who can't comprehend the utter sophistication and complexity of classical music. Ha! While they are all caught up in their so-called "bling," I'm writing philosophical theological theses on the existence of a Supreme Being."

Shut up and go play your violin somewhere else, you pretentious jackball.

Just because someone listens to rap doesn't mean they're lockstep gangbangers who don't appreciate anything artistic.

Oh, and by the way, rap is art when done properly. Most of the mainstream garbage you hear on MTV isn't what I'd consider art, or even creative, but rap can be art.


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