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High-pitched ringtones: Ouchie!

 - Joe

In some schools kids have found a way to get around the rule that cell phones must be turned off in class. They use a ringtone that is just a very high-pitched hum. This apparently works because adults can't hear noises pitched that high. For people like me who can hear it, it is rather painful.

This made me start thinking ( I make a point of doing that once or twice a year). If these kids would use their brain cells for something other than this, we'd all have flying cars and other cool stuff. Instead, these ingenious idiots come up with something like that to exhange txtmsgs!


Textmessage from billyBob341234

billyBob341234: r u in clas?

luvBunni4815162342: yes! this is 2 kewl!

billyBob341234: lol! omg, r u coming 2 the party???

luvBunni4815162342:lol! omg yes! rofl! uvhpoiuehflihoife! fihoeih!


luvBunni4815162342: what?

billyBob341234: ...

luvBunni4815162342: O NO! MY TEACHER FOUND ME! SAVE ME!

billyBob341234: Fat chance, lady, I'm with the CIA.

luvBunni4815162342: What? that's dumb.

billyBob341234: Well, Joe just created both of us for his own entertainment.


Need I say more?

By the way, I found a recording of that ringtone here

And this is the 550th post on this great blog. *wipes tear from eye*


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