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Holy language barrier, Batman!

 - Brian

Hey! Wuz up, foo’s? Joe and I just got back from CA, and boy, do we have some wild stories to tell you!

Okay, first off, an introduction to this whole Sacramento business: A while ago, Joe persuaded me to come along on a door-to-door mission he attended last year. Joe, being extremely charismatic, knew I had no chance of refusing. Thus, we jumped on a plane and flew to Sacramento.
The difference between Seattle and Sacramento
The main difference between Seattle and Sacramento is the subtle fact that THERE WERE NO HILLS IN SACRAMENTO. It was completely flat. The second thing one might notice about SAC is that there are no fast food joints anywhere. Joe and I walked a good mile and couldn't find anything food related, except for a small, seedy grocery store located in some alleyway.
The third thing that stood out was the palm tree-like things that towered over everything. Oh, did I mention everyone was Mexican (exaggeration)?
The Mission: (This is an extremely brief summary of the mission. Hopefully, Joe will enlighten you later)
The mission took place in a tiny down called Maxwell (sp?). Seriously, you could throw a rock from one end of the town to the other. It was...small, to say the least. Around 80% of the population is Spanish speaking, which made things...interesting (Joe and I were some of the few kids who didn't know Spanish). Anyway, we were supposed to go door-to-door inviting people to church events and asking the people if they had prayer requests.
I don't want to get into too much detail, but we had some pretty memorable (and hilarious) adventures. These adventures ranged from visiting hospitable Mexican Catholic families, to being verbally assaulted by lunatic Protestant crazy people (Joe will fill you in).

Anyway, I made some awesome friends (despite the sometimes obvious language barrier) and had a lot of fun doing it.
P.S. Sorry 4 gramatical erors, im 2 sleapy 2 fix them.


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