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Goodbye for now so long

 - Brian

I'm sorry this has to come at such a random moment, but I'm shutting down Blog Hogger for good.
Most of the posters on Blog Hogger have informed me that they are unable to post anymore (due to family matters, internet access troubles, school etc). As a matter of fact, Joe is the only one who is still capable of posting, but he's too busy being Joe ("Joe" = busy with school).
And if that isn't bad enough, we're now getting only 7 hits per day, including me.
Not too long ago, Blog Hogger was actually getting 70 hits per day, and before that, 100 hits per day. Now, unfortunately, BH suffers only 7 hits per day, and 3 comments per post if lucky.
Trust me, I visit this blog at least seven times a day, and I can assure you that most activity is dead.

To make a long story short, I've removed almost all the contributors from Blog Hogger and I've now informed of the shutdown (which means the blog will be deleted in a few days). Sorry for the quick unexpected deletion. There's a lot happening in my life, and a lot happening with my friends.

You can email me if you wish to ask me any specific questions about why I'm shutting down the blog (email link listed under BH title).

Seeyu for now,


P.S. I'm sure I'll get around to updating some of my other Internet stuff (Myspace, Newgrounds, Randomocity [doubt it though]).

It's been a good 3 years, guys :(


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