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Geeky developer stuff

 - Joe

'Sup all you sons and daughters of mothers and fathers!

I was cruising around yesterday, and I encountered something that rocked my socks off. First off, Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 was released, and it includes a bunch of things that should have been added much earlier, such as support for tabbed browsing, and RSS feeds. Also, CSS Level 2 is getting a lot more support!

Then, I was surprised uber alles. here I encountered Visual Studio Express, a suite of applications that Microsoft offers free. That's right. Free. I'm talking about compilers for every .NET language you can name. Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual J#, C#, and of course ASP.NET. The interface is hard to master (I still haven't), but it's a. free. compiler. from. Microsoft.

Also, I'm gathering material for a new Bloghogger template (a project of mine that has had more false starts than Howard Dean's presidential campaign). I think I have the key to its future success in the following:

td { overflow: scroll;}

Some of you may recognize this choice bit of CSS, but I think with a regulatory glance at the sidebars (or by linking to the link page?) we can compact this site into incomprehensibilityocityness. yep.


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