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Pointless Criticisms.

 - Brian

I own so many personality flaws, it's almost depressing. I'm too loud, too opinionated, have a twisted sense of humor, lazy, and critical. But enough about me, I'd rather point out other people's flaws to mask my own.
Hence, a list of annoying kinds of people:

The "that sucks" person - (I used to have this problem) You know the people who counters everything you say with "that sucks?" For instance, I say, "the Xbox 360 is going to be pretty amazing!" Then the "that sucks" person responds with, "Xbox sucks. Microsoft sucks." So it's basically like they're being contrary for the fun of it (I admit, being contrary is entertaining, but it soon gets old).

"OMG! I broke a nail!" I'm seriously growing weary of these self-proclaimed princesses over-emoting. It's really annoying.

"You suck" These people make a career out of insulting you for no reason. I suppose they do it to mask some sort of insecurity, but it really pisses me off.

"Haha! Let's make boob/fart/poop jokes!" Okay, it was fun in da 3rd grade, but after that, it just gets tedious. I'm sure you've all met older teenagers and ADULTS who still find it entertaining to make immature jokes. These people are usually pretty stupid, so you can't entirely blame them.

"Dude, I'm the best at that" These people are usually very insecure. They try to make themselves seem more interesting by lying about their abilities/talents (athletics, knowledge, etc...) You find these guys everywhere, and it's pretty sad.

I'm sure I'm guilty of all these things +, but I'm in denial, remember?


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